Our Services

Gordon-Lends-A-Car empowers working families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence.

Car Loaner Services

We provide temporary loaner cars for under-employed residents of Georgia, who need reliable transportation to and from work in order to get to their next pay-period. We understand that a lapse in transportation may be caused by a variety of factors including voluntary or involuntary vehicle repossession, and the loss of your primary mode of transportation which happens in cases of divorce, domestic violence, or other abrupt relocations.  

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Financial Literacy

When individuals have a low level of financial literacy, they will typically make poor financial decisions, which overtime will negatively impact their household and their community. For this reason, we provide financial literacy education classes for low-income households in Georgia, so that individuals and family-heads learn solid money management skills and are able to make logical and informed decisions leading to financial stability.


Coordination of Resources and Referrals

We complete a comprehensive needs assessment for each potential client covering their present socio-economic condition.  We then use the information gathered to provide each person with linkages to services within the community that will help them other services that fall outside of our scope.  Linkages include referrals for basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and shelter. We also provide referrals for mental and physical healthcare, community advocacy work.


Car loaners are reserved for Georgia residents who are working or in school, but are under-employed, and for reasons beyond their control find themselves without transportation to and from work or school.