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When your car trouble is here

And you're next paycheck is a mile away

The Need for Safe Reliable Transportation

Being a responsible adult is not without its challenges.  For the 100 million or more people that are among the working poor (earning 200 percent or below the federal poverty level), one single unexpected expense can have a negative domino effect on their livelihood.  Unexpected expenses that cause people to fall behind on car payments often lead to involuntary repossession of the vehicle. In communities without public transportation options, no car could quickly mean no job.   


Even if transportation services are widely available in all communities, chances are, the fees to use the service may be too costly to use for more than a one-way trip.  Without reliable transportation, a person may jeopardize their employment, or they may lose their job all together. In addition, people in crisis may not be able to access other services that are critical to their well-being, such as access basic needs supplies from grocery stores, or access to medical treatment for their physical and mental health.  And, without free or affordable transportation, people with limited income cannot get to and from important interviews that could potentially pay increased wages that would better position them for long-term self-sufficiency. 


At Gordon Lends A Car, we understand the connection between transportation, employment, and well-being, and we want you to maintain all three!  We are here for working adults that need a temporary solution to their long-term needs.


Employment fuels the economy and allows for a constant exchange of goods and services. Employment is also an effective strategy for combating poverty – a condition that 43 million Americans are currently facing (US  In addition, studies show that employed people tend to be happier, healthier, and more productive.  


If you are a parent, maintaining employment will also help you maintain continuity in your household while setting a great example for your children of how to be a gainfully employed contributing member of society.


Maintaining a steady income also allows people to make financial choices that may be out of reach for those without income. 


These choices can include:

  • Where you live

  • What schools your children attend

  • What to eat

  • How to maintain optimum health

  • How much to save for retirement


  • The median household income in Henry County, GA is $64,752 (US

  • The livable wage for a family of 4 (1 adult and 3 children) in Henry County, GA is $72,221 (MIT Living Wage Calculator)

  • Wages for a family of 4 earning 200% of federal poverty level is $50,200 (

  • A family of 4 (1 adult and 3 children) with income under 200% of the federal poverty level will spend 23% ($11,459) on transportation alone. (MIT Living Wage Calculator)

Any donation that you contribute is greatly appreciated and helps us push our community forward!

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